what most midgets or short people are.
I am vertically challenged.
por lazyassloser 25 de Março de 2004
1. A Club... A Family... A Way of Life... PERIOD.

2. International Custom car and Minitruck club founded by John "The Godfather" Salas, and Mike "OG DOUGHBOY" Panova in 1998, based in Houston Texas.
Vertically Challenged is the hardest partying MINITRUCK club on the planet!
por WHATABURGER(VC) 16 de Abril de 2009
someone who is short.

also known as a midget, a dwarf, the little guy, etc.
man: haha look at that smidget!

woman: lets be PC (politically correct) here, its a vertically challenged person.
por YourAlcoholicDad 31 de Março de 2010
1) Someone who is short

2) Me
I am vertically challenged
por Anomnomnomynous 06 de Setembro de 2010
Someone who thinks they will grow, but probably won't

Or a Non offensive term for a midget
Jane was walking by a bunch of midgets skateboarding and said
Wow those vertically challenged guys are Awesome!
por pleazeacczept dis 13 de Abril de 2010
Very short.
Why are you vertically challenged??
por Tha Producer12 28 de Maio de 2009
short(patterned after politically correct terms with the word challenged in them, possibly offensive to short people)
If he had been vertically challenged than it would have shown as he aged.
por The Return of Light Joker 22 de Outubro de 2008

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