Vans are "skateshoes" people wear that aren't really used for skating. They are shoes for "popular" boys and girls and if you don't wear them you aren't popular according to the basic bitches and jerks of popular groups.
"Oh look Debra she isn't wearing vans!"
por typicaltomboy 09 de Julho de 2014
A really cute teenage girl who is generally looked at as an adorable little sister. She is smart, pretty, funny, and an absolute doll. She usually is very nice to everyone, and it's very hard to cross her. She loves to read and play games. She is also innocent and sweet.
guy1: hey should I ask Van out?
guy2: no way bro, if you make her sad the world will hate you.
guy1: your right, I'll just love her as my sister.
por hot cross buns 24 de Janeiro de 2012
Skate shoe company that first arrived in 1966. They originally made shoes for technical use and performance then gradually got better at making skate shoes for skaters and like wise use. Then recently they have made a new 'canvas' range which non-skater (posers/hipsters) wear and claim it's 'comfy' when really they only wear them due to their popularity and appearance. The canvas edition do not last a long time, its just that people roam around posing not actually skating so of course they are going to last!
Poser: Hey! Check out my new Van's
Skater/ Normal person: That's nice... Im sorry but... Do you even skate??
Poser: ....No... I mean yes! All the time! I can 360 Kickflip- underflip to manual fakie!
Skater/ Normal person: Yeah... Okay... Why do you wear them then?
Poser: because they are well comfy!
Skater/ Normal person: Don't lie, its because everyone else wheres them and you are the people that ruined Van's rep and you should now hang yourself!
Poser: No one loves me! *kills themselves*

Everyone else: Making the world a better place for everyone!!! Yayyy!
por Anon V 31 de Dezembro de 2012
CONFORMIST SHOE. worn by everyone now. the thin ones were what skaters wear when there not skating. although now EVERYONE wears them. the 50 something year old bitch biology teacher, the emos, the preps, the jocks. they used to be cool but now mostly non skaters wear them. so get choself some emerica winos
preppy girl:"liek omg i luv vans and hollister"
jock/bully:"skaters are fags, i love vans"
emo:"i like vans"
skater:"damn, vans was the origional skate shoe... but now sells more to non skaters than skaters... f that im getting winos"
por yourmotherisanicelady 03 de Junho de 2012
1.)The only way I can stay on my CRAPPy SKATE BOARD because the DAMN GRAIN covers only HALF the fruity tooty deck because my DUMB ASS little cousin found sandpaper.

2.) Their slip ons made checkerboards overly worn and used

3.) If a tornado blows through your house make sure you're wearing these
Shit man. Who leaves sand paper in reach of an evil five year old? I can't even do a grind without my Vans.
Random chick?: Oh my ga-
Crazy Person: YES!! WE FREAKING KNOW! Checkerboards whoopidy doo! IT's OVER.
por HEY! IT'S CHEESE!! 19 de Julho de 2008
A shoe brand that originated in the 60s. The original use for Vans was for skateboarding. Today, a wide range of people wear Vans. Because of certain groups, sometimes wearing Vans can give you bad rep. Vans sold out by making shoes that are geared towards attracting hipster girls, America's most recent plague.

In order of majority, These types of people wear Vans: Skateboarders, Hipsters, Posers, Emos, Gangstas, Regular People, Cheap People, and rarely hoopers.

Many people do not like emos, hipsters, and posers in Vans because it ruins Vans' reputation.

Poser skaters wear them because its the only skate shoe brand they know of.

Do not confuse all Vans Wearers as posers. Some actually like Vans to skate in. If your not sure if someone is a poser, simply ask them to name 3 other skate brands other than Addidas and Nike SB. If they correctly answer, they chose Vans because they like Vans for skating. If they don't, they are posers.
"Ugh, Vans is a sell out. They should stop trying to cater to certain people and just go back to skateboarding."

"I love my Vans, they feel so good!"
por AmaranthineFog 08 de Janeiro de 2015
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