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to huff shoe polish
Let's go tweet behind the gym after school.
por thugdog millionaire 05 de Maio de 2009
to thrust one's manhood into the anal or oral orifice of another male. STRAIGHT UP. PERIOD.!!!!!!!!!!!!
You would be the one to tweet out of all the people i know.
por urbannozzler 01 de Abril de 2009
good luck; do well
usually said in sports, but it can be said in general too
As he was walking up to the base, we all yelled "Tweet!" at different times for good luck.

"Are you performing in the play?" "Yes I am." "Well, I hope everything goes well. Tweet!"
por flowerchildgreen 29 de Abril de 2005
a pussy wedgie
Did you see that chick pick her tweet?
por fartsniffer 25 de Maio de 2002
slang word for a vagina.
what a whore, her skirt's so short you can almost see her tweet
por bhg143 21 de Março de 2005
mid 80's preteen slang for cool.
derived from 'sweet'
those shoes look tweet
por hazzi 11 de Janeiro de 2003
sound that my lovely lil bird makes
por Audreys Secret Lover 07 de Novembro de 2002