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A person with skin that is rough, and or tough.
That gentlemans skin is truff.
por Truffman 07 de Novembro de 2009
The 'mafia' way of saying 'true'.
Person 1- That chick is so sexy

Person 2- Truff...
por Chris S. aka. cgseif323 16 de Janeiro de 2009
The lower parts of trousers (or pants) that can be removed by unzipping them. A contraction of Trouser and Cuff.
Make sure you wash your truffs with the rest of the trousers to ensure the colours continue to match.
por carlbtv 11 de Outubro de 2011
when tough meets rough
Chuck Norris is truff.
por greenmonkeypc 28 de Janeiro de 2011
One who is sexually attractive in an extreme way.Often used to describe someone during truffspotting.
Any given attractive person.
por jim 21 de Dezembro de 2003
The large ball of chocolate that you get in your bag, when your truffles melt together.
By the time I got home, the truffles had become one giant Truff.
por Chefspam 20 de Setembro de 2014