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To Watch/Obtain gay porn on your mobile device.
Are you watching Tom Jones?

Tom Jones really turns me on.

#gay #porn #men #wank #orgasm #nom!
por Amahopeless 09 de Abril de 2011
First man to bring prostitution to the US
Also a huge party held once a year.
Dude did you go to Tom Jones?
por Tennyson 03 de Maio de 2005
some singer dude that my dad threw his underwear at for a good laugh on a business trip, lol. True story! It was the night I was born, no joke.
Tom Jones was part of my birth story. xD
#lol #funny #dad #senior moment #gross #waffles!
por Starchiiild Nirvana. 09 de Agosto de 2009
a very good artist who is loved by all gangstas g's such as 50 cent and snoop dog are all to be qouted as saying 'any1 hu does not lyk the rhymes of tom jones is no gangsta because he is ill.
has come up with ryhms such as its not unusual, sex bomb, and the ultimate gangsta tune of you can leave your hat on
gangsta elder: listen to the bars of master Tom Jones and you will become a true gansta my son
younger gangsta:ok blud hold tyt down south ill listen to this g in between my drive-by and my nightly routine of muggin people and shouting TZ TZ blud yh u get me
gangsta elder:yes u learn quick my son

TZ= terror zone a gay bar in mitcham also a gang full of gays
#tz #blud #ill #its not unusual #gay bar #poomplex #and ting
por deane 15 de Outubro de 2007
A man who cheats so much it causes his or wife or girlfriend to lose their mind. Coined after the famous Welsh singer and ladies man, Tom Jones, whose wife became shattered by her husband’s numerous infidelities.
“He did a Tom Jones on her.”

“How’s Jane”
“Well Sam did a Tom Jones on her, she is now fragile as glass, and won’t even go out in public.”

Tarnower pulled a Tom Jones on Jean Harris, and she ended up pulling a trigger.

My mom had a nervous breakdown after my dad pulled a Tom Jones on her.
#infidelity #ladies man #losing one's mind #man who cheats so much #cheaters
por literary.muse 01 de Setembro de 2010
Extremely hungry / extreme hunger.
I have not eaten since breakfast. Tom Jones na ko!
#hungry #tom jones jr #food #tagalog #efti
por Terpits 09 de Agosto de 2007
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