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When a males penis can be seen hanging out of shorts.
"Hey look at that dude in the shorts! I see a tip slip!"
por Kbird 01 de Março de 2009
56 28
v. To accidentally receive poop on the tip of your wiping hand's finger(s).
Bob: Dude did you pick shit up!?
Joe: Nah.. I just had a Tipslip
Bob: Oh...
por DayToDay 18 de Julho de 2011
26 4
A male equivalent to a tit slip. A tip slip usually occurs when one male is in boxers and the tip slips out the flap.
He then placed a strategic tip slip in her field of vision that would lead to his inevitable sexual encounters. Another great moment in Hook-Up History.
por Hugh Janus69 05 de Abril de 2011
15 4
The equivalent of a nip slip by girl, for guys with the tip of their penis.
Ben: Bro did you get my snapchat?
Dalton: Yeah, i got your tip slip, faggot
por Bendibear 18 de Julho de 2013
1 1
When a penis accidentally protrudes from the clothing in the view of others.
She had a nipslip, he had a tipslip.
por drzimo 26 de Dezembro de 2009
6 6
(v) (tip-slip) the act of casually, if not deviously, inserting your pop between a hot broad's garlic knots; usually done without warning. An act of innocence.
"I'm sorry for the tipslip's your father? wanna bang me a 'lil bit?"

por Shagomatic 15 de Junho de 2007
5 5