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Epic straight guy who doesn't touch other guys genitals
Tom is such a Timmis
por TimmisUD 15 de Dezembro de 2010
1)An invincible, steel-penised, mentally challenged homosexual man with the strange ability to grotesquely murder another human by touching their genitalia.

1)One of or resembling the fabled Timmis.

3)An insult derived from the legend of Timmis and his family.
Aw snap, Timmis just eh poked my crotch! *dies*

You, sir, are a true TIMMIS.
por Anonymous 09 de Outubro de 2003
One gully ass white dude from H-ton
Uh-oh, look its that nigga Timmi!
por Shaniqua 31 de Dezembro de 2004