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Very Large Round Breasts
Damn girl, you gots you some tiggle bitties
por Da White Man 09 de Setembro de 2003
Tiggle bitties is the cool way of saying "big ol titties". This phrase is used as a noun. obviously means that a women's breasts are rather scrumptous, gargantuant, and well shaped. Jenna jameson has tiggle bitties.
Cutler: I was walking down a narrow corridor and this women was coming down the other side.
Husby: wow really?
Cutler: Yeah and and when I passed by her, her boobs brushed me.
Cutler: It was then I noticed she had some tiggle bitties because normal boobs wouldn't have brushed me.
#boobs #sex #women #girls #large
por Douche Bag mcgee 05 de Janeiro de 2007
A word deriving from the phrase "big ole tittes" used between men, usually in the presence of woman, to describe exceptionally large breasts without the woman knowing what the men are talking about
"Man, that girl had some tigglebitties!"
"I know dude!"
"Hey guys! What are you talking about?"
"O nothing. We definitely weren't talking about your tits, thats for sure."
#tits #knockers #tittes #rack #pervert
por Dean 'n Rotten 11 de Dezembro de 2005
A faster way to say "tig ole bitties," or a pair of nice tits. Commonly used when drunk or as code in the presence of a higher authority.

Man that girl has some sweet tigglebitties. I could stare at that rack all day.
#tig ole bitties #tits #titties #fat tits #guns
por Sal 3:16 19 de Outubro de 2005
code name for big o' titties. say tiggle bitties when you are with another chick or in an unappropiate situation. If not just say that chick has some fat ass titties
Jack and I were at the game with some lady associates when he said " look at that chick, she has some tiggle bitties." I concured and enjoyed my erection for the remainder of the game.
#fat tits #mosquito bites #melons #big boobs #flat chested
por hotzpocket 27 de Novembro de 2009
Another word for boobs
Oh My Gosh Look at the tigglebitty's on that ho.
#boobies #tits #titties #knockers #pillows
por iluvrdhds 24 de Março de 2007
A girl which breast improportionate to her body frame.
That girl is tiggle bitties
por Chad18 14 de Maio de 2005
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