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A person that has been tricked into something.
A gullible person.
Haha, you sucker!
They're all a bunch of suckers!
por Bryan Malley 12 de Agosto de 2002
to love something obsessively
i'm a sucker for romantic comedies.
por Synchro 16 de Março de 2005
a fat kid from alberta who got played by his online girlfriend

see cheater

ex. *sighs*
wow, that sucker from kittyradio sure is fat
por navy 06 de Dezembro de 2004
another term for a lollipop.
Billy bought a sucker from the concession stand.
por billy michella 30 de Maio de 2008
anyone who falls for scams and tricks
I just fell for the Nigeria scam, so im a sucker for doing it
por tatomuck1 04 de Abril de 2009
One who falls for a particularly stupid plan or scheme.
A commercial said there were free blowjobs in this tank of acid and now ryan is left dickless, what a sucker.
por Mitchell Shannon 30 de Agosto de 2007
A person who loves to suck on a penis because that's whats up.
" Damn bro, that one girl Denise is a pretty good sucker..she left my shit all limp!"
por PanchoYa already know 01 de Março de 2012