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A troll like person who invades online forums with the sole purpose of creating havoc. They create one or more identities then go about stalking themselves. Usually it involves being rich and traveling to far away lands. One of their favorite places to be from in Australia. They generally come in quiet as a mouse then lay their evil traps. They are far worse than your average troll. They are even harder to detect.
This forum has been Snoused!

Snouse is bragging about her wonderful Tuscany wedding.

Snouse has invaded another place.

Snouse is at it again, this time she/he is from the UK.
por Patty Schultz 06 de Fevereiro de 2008
16 12
another word for 'cigarette', widely used in the UK and moving swiftly across Europe. used casually between teens, originating from the word 'snout' pig's nose as it resembles the cylindrical shape of a cigarette. the term was coined by DJ Kanzen
yo eli, wanna go for a snouse down the alley?

hey gid, i think we should snouse it up before politics lesson
por gideon aminoff 19 de Dezembro de 2006
7 5