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To become scared or paranoid about a certain thing.
That chick was making me sketch out.
por EssPea 17 de Janeiro de 2005
The period after leaving an after-hours club when one generally hangs out with other sketchy people while coming down off of club drugs (ecstasy, speed, etc).
Last night after the club I had a great sketch out over at Dave's place. He threw on some music and we played Playstation until we passed out.
por Adam Hawkins 08 de Julho de 2006
1. A moment is in which someone is totally weirded out by either life or the sketchy behavior of another person.

2. A slight panic attack-like reaction to too much sketchiness.
Gina's sketchout occured on account of seeing her ex's (who didn't want to be in a relationship) facebook relationship status changed to in a relationship one day after their breakup.
por Mikey27 09 de Janeiro de 2010