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t_bone_111, dear, you needn't dress like a skank; thou art one.
That t_bone_111 sure is a attention-seeking skank.
por PoopyPoo 24 de Abril de 2005
303 182
For someone who isn't a skank to dress like one, so all her friends can say 'god you look skankified today'.
God you look skankified today.
por t_bone_111 16 de Dezembro de 2004
243 149
1. somethning that has been skanked

2. Anything a skanky girl touches, becomes a skankified object

Ohh great now it is skankified

The bread is now skankified, because the skank touched it
por prokevinmusic 19 de Fevereiro de 2008
48 20
When something turns nasty
That bruise is skankified. It is infected.
por Andrea F 22 de Maio de 2005
55 83
when you are skanky when you consume too much alcohol.
We were skankified for sure last night!
por Kay and Jen 30 de Agosto de 2007
8 69