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Epic win people who own Koreans except for in algebra and have 100x bigger dicks than them.
Singaporeans have huge cocks.
por FuckMyPussyHardHardx2 27 de Outubro de 2009
29 71
A slant-eyed down syndrome person who performs daily at your local circus.

Do check out your local tv listings to watch their dazzling performances.
Bryan: I'm fucking bored right now

Jake: Hey, why not we watch the Singaporean perform today? I heard that he/she will be sticking up his/her head up his/her ass.
por SuperbTruth 23 de Agosto de 2008
133 222
A buck-toothed slant-eyed 8 legged person who performs daily at your local circus. Check your local listings to watch their breathtaking performances on television.
Bob: I'm bored

Tim: Let's watch the Singaporean at the circus today! I heard that he'll be trying to stick his head up his ass today.
por RyanTheFake 18 de Agosto de 2008
149 239