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Device that men use to wack off while at thier in-laws house
i masturbate so much in the shower when it rains i get a hard on
por get the fuck out of my grill 24 de Fevereiro de 2005
999 466
A great place to jerk off when your a teenager and have little privacy.
Man i have a throbbing erection and i really need somewhere to explode my load! Hmmmm the house if full of people....

"I'm taking a shower!"

Alright party time! fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap stiffled groan
por Callum69 11 de Maio de 2009
691 281
An excuse to cover up masturbation
KID: Not now mom! im taking a shower!
por Dude2012789 26 de Fevereiro de 2008
477 254
A penis that doesn't grow much during an erection.

See also: grower
My penis is a shower.
por Ross W 14 de Dezembro de 2003
603 441
Similar to sex. You take your clothes off, get your dick nice and wet, massage it till its nice and warm, and ejaculate your sperm thinking sexual things.
Tom took a shower today whilst thinking of a hot girl from school, the bathroom was filled with the sound of fapping for a minute, followed by a moan of pleasure as Tom jizzed all over himself.
por Tomfaptom 12 de Julho de 2009
360 233
When a man already already has a big penis when flaccid, but when they have an erection it doesn't grow much larger.See grower
I know a man who is a shower, and his wife loves it.
por Jason Savage 05 de Janeiro de 2007
281 173
One of the kinkiest and sexiest places to have sex.
Josh squeezed Blair's titties and fucked her hard and fast in the shower. He came deep inside her womb.
por Jezreel 23 de Julho de 2008
210 152