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1) To fuck; analy.
I shaffed AFK's mother.
por BL1NG 06 de Dezembro de 2003
When you slide the back of your hand across your hairline or upper lip then flick out your index and middle fingers towards the person who did something stupid.
That was such a fail he deserves a shaff!
por Namor9196 17 de Dezembro de 2009
Shaff is a badass fat kid, who makes everyone laugh no matter the situation. Everyone loves him and he gets ALL DA LADIES! I PROMISE...
Wow! That Shaff guy is such a badass.
por Yep. 18 de Novembro de 2004
n. 1. A bulbous mass of a person, synonymous for fat
That kid is so shaff he needs to start eating some reduced shaff chips.
por DarkOne 10 de Janeiro de 2004