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a dish that is also known as bull testicles
Bill: Everyone is eating rocky mountain oysters aka bull testys
Mike: Lets try to find the fag eating his penis
por C.Good 17 de Setembro de 2008
Bull nuts. Idiots eat them.
"Hey Joe, lets make us some tasty Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Aren't they bull nuts, fred?

por Anonymous 02 de Maio de 2003
see cow fries
mmm! these rocky mountain oysters taste just like chicken nuggets! hmm... i wonder what is really in those nuggets at wendys...
por jackieC 26 de Janeiro de 2004
edible bull testicles
those were some good rocky mountain oysters at the bar last night.
por Hugh G. Dick 02 de Julho de 2008
Bear Testicles - served as an appetiser
Martha loved to impress company with her rocky mountain oysters.
por JaymeMaurice 09 de Dezembro de 2006