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what the fuck are you looking at the definition of pineapples for you stupid fuck?
you should know what pineapples are.
por onivlayeoj 05 de Agosto de 2007
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What the fuck are you doing looking up the definition of pineapple you retard?!?
I like pineapples
por CoupsFTW 09 de Novembro de 2011
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The single greatest fruit ever to exist. It is far superior to the mango, apple, papaya, or any other fruit. It's increadble flavor and intense juiciness should make people gasp in awe. It shall soon have a religion based around it.
Oh my god, a pineapple! I think I'm going to have an orgasm.
por PineappleDude 12 de Dezembro de 2005
1734 1068
Created by Kevin Hart: Means to Stop; Halt; Used to make you not sound like a Bitch.
"Pineapples Bitch, you riding my dick to hard"
por SoSweetCandi 21 de Outubro de 2011
1359 1010
The act of backing out of a game or room.
This room totally sucked so we pineappled.
por Chodaboy068 21 de Maio de 2010
978 641
A pineapple can be many things:

a)A residance under the sea, best for sponges.
b)A fruit, very prickly, that has no place on a pizza(growls), best not to be inserted up the ass.
c)A term for a brunette who is so freakin stupid.
d)A stupid grenade every1 mentions, but as it can kill people, we will mention it. (Great for hoe fights)
a)Spongebob Squarepant's underwater pineapple house.
b)The fruit ya dumbasses.
c) Has brown hair and says the word "like" a lot and is so slow its funny. (aka. violet crumble(as in the candybar))
d)Goes "KABOOM!!!"
por Sarah And Kitty 28 de Abril de 2006
549 437
A old-style hand grenade.
por anonymous 17 de Agosto de 2003
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