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admirers, or a group of admirers of a certain person
Everywhere I go my peeps are hounding me for my number.
por Shavahn 11 de Setembro de 2003
people. In the 80's this meant parents.
My peeps went away...lets party at my house.
por rich 24 de Julho de 2003
To observe something, someone, or an event.
Yo, peeps that 'lac rollin on 22's!
por scantee 31 de Março de 2005
Another was to say you have to go to the bathroom. Short for pee-pee.
"Hold on a minute, I have ta go peeps."
por Cindy Sullivan 18 de Setembro de 2005
the peeple you deal with or ( smiling) the peeps with whom you have a dealio... or not. you might not have a dealio with your "peeps."
what's the dealio with your peeps?
por bittersweet symphony 26 de Setembro de 2003
To observe something.
Yo playa, lemme peeps that.
por will 30 de Março de 2005
two people on the same soccer team that are very close friends
those 2 r really close they are also peeps
por nate kutok 11 de Junho de 2003