A handjob using mayonnaise as a lube.
"Rob gave Todd an oldie last night."
"That makes me hungry for a ham sandwich."
#handjob #old #lube #lubricant #blowjob
por C. Cake 23 de Julho de 2013
Top Definition
a person that is young but act old.
James your a oldie for listening to old rock.
#old #grandpa #grandma #oldiess #old skewl
por c.c.1 09 de Fevereiro de 2011
A pet name for a person who is approx. 10 years older then the girl/guy they are dating. Usually given to a male in his 30's who wears jorts!
My oldie is living in the Petrified forest!
#old #oldie #age #man #jorts
por J to the A-fizzle 24 de Agosto de 2007
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