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An internet site filled with fun games.
I'm gonna go on
por Gareth 03 de Julho de 2003
The Games website we all used to play on when we were like 10 becuase we thought it was the only game site in the world. But then we turned 13 and realized that there is better games sites.
In Grade 4:

Everyone else: FUCK YEAH

In Grade 9:
Some Kid: WANNA PLAY GAMES ON MINICLIP?1@?#?$#1%OMG?#42315133014358#%34%#$625&YONE43%236/4T%$#26/4564%^?432^2532/%?^//
Me: What the Fuck is this Miniclip you speak of?
por Cairnage 12 de Setembro de 2009
A minor excerpt from a media file
The miniclip was perfect for a ringtone.
por Hercolena Oliver 30 de Dezembro de 2008
A fun kids site with ads telling you to date Asian women on the sides.
I'm gonna play
por ClassicLoki 13 de Novembro de 2015

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