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Melissa is a Greek name.
In Greek, it means "honey bee."
In Persian, it means "red rose."
The feminine version of "Melisseus", legendary "King of Crete."
In mythology, it is the name of a princess of Crete who was changed into a bee after she learned to collect honey.
Melissa is a princess name.
por RedRose 18 de Maio de 2006
A very beautiful person inside and out.
Will always make you laugh and give you a hug before you even know you need one!
Can be some what blunt. But at least you know she is truthful. Very sweet and easy to talk to. Loves the colour pink and loves her family more than anything else!
High morals. She sets her own ground.
Melissa has everything in pink!
por SomethingDifferent07 07 de Janeiro de 2009
Hottest girl in the known universe

likes taking it from behind
wow, you look like melissa
por a.ksdj 17 de Novembro de 2006
In ancient mythology, she was the "Queen Bee Goddess" and she looked after all women. She is a strong, confident female who posseses great leadership skills. Usually popular, a Melissa creates the strongest bonds with only a select few who she deems worth her time. And her time is precious indeed. With her stunning beauty and sing-song voice, a Melissa knows how to captivate her audience. A Melissa is a true friend and a passionate lover. She is loyal to the end. Once you date a Melissa, all other women seem dull and lifeless. With her passion and ambition, a Melissa can do anything she puts her mind to
Im dating a Melissa!

No way! How'd you manage that?

It definately wasn't easy! She sure won't settle for anything less than the best.
por AlphaGirll 30 de Julho de 2012
The girl you don't realize your meant to be with. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. When you see her you get a feeling of warmth like no other. She usually is a person that is your best friend before you truly realize that you love her. You would do anything for this girl because she is a true person and never fake, she is honest with you and when she says some thing she means it. She will always stay by your side as long as you treat her right... The love of my life without a doubt.
My beautiful girlfriend Melissa <3
por MC+CK 20 de Março de 2011
Someone who leaves your heart paralyzed. And it's not because of how fly she is on the outside but it's because of what she's working wit on the inside. Your heart will drive you insane anytime you look into her eyes. You'll enjoy it though and hope that one day you can feel that again.
I'm no good at expressing what I feel but I know I'm in love with her because she's a melissa.

No wonder your trippin you fell in love with a Melissa.

Te amo Princesa.
por Don'tUseYourRealNameNancy :) 28 de Agosto de 2010
Absolutely, without a doubt beautiful.
A person everyone loves and cares for.
A girl with breath taking eyes, Eyes you could stare into forever and never tired of.
That girl is SO a Melissa.
por FunnyLime 03 de Março de 2009
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