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Skanky man. Doesn't use condoms, carries HPV. Prefers hookups to relationships.
Also known as a ladies' man, mack, player.
Pleshawna: I found my man in bed with another woman!

Tenequa: Girl I done told you that fool was a man ho!
por Phylipswiller 07 de Março de 2007
a man who sleeps with ervery grl and goes out with the sluts
grant s is a man ho!!!!
por sexypants63 21 de Abril de 2009
A man who is a ho, and likes to hoe out with his hoes....
Bill:Martin why do you always sleep with the fattest hoes?
Martin: Because I was hoeing it out... duh!.!.!
Bill: You're such a man ho!
Martin: Dammit Bill!!!!!!
por buffalo rider 23 de Abril de 2010
Chris Baum
Chris Baum is a huge honkey man ho
por Anonymous 23 de Janeiro de 2003
Alton Roberts
por le-le 25 de Setembro de 2003