Nickname for a person named loof.
Yo, what up loofer
#loofy #loofinator #loofus #snoop-a-loof #loof troop
por A Loof 02 de Novembro de 2009
Top Definition
Loofer- A word which means any other word chosen by the person stating it. Can be utilized as an insult, compliment, or any other form of statement.

Developed after a 2 liter of Mountain dew was chugged, and the caffeine ran to the creators head.
"He's such a loofer"
"How do you feel?...Loofer"
por Bryan Brush 10 de Março de 2005
A nice person who is dumped by a significant other with little drama, or by a gradual loss of interest where the significant other is usually interested or already romantic with another person wherein the dumped person feels like they did nothing wrong but is still abandoned and unceremoniously rejected.
I guess when Susan broke up with me I became a loofer.
#dump #dumpee #adulterer #loser #reject #break-up
por JahMuse 28 de Abril de 2010
Popular personage; prep
I hate Nick he became such a fucking loofer.
por Alex Lee 23 de Novembro de 2003
A large yellow sponge used in cleaning and home care.

Someone annoying.
That reshma is such a loofer.

Pass me the loofer, i need to clean the bath.
por Greg Himself 04 de Julho de 2004
A term often used for a sponge-like household applaince.

Also is another word describing a lazy, sloth-like person.
I need a loofer to clean my house.

Greg is such a loofer, i'm glad i'm not like him
por Reesh 05 de Julho de 2004
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