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A popular night club in Bristol that is often abbreviated to 'Lounge'. Often exclaimed at high volume to attract other willing Lizards to the club. Frequently heard from Manor Hall, a halls of residence in Clifton.

The greatest music, the cheapest drinks and the most intense red walls make it a truly magical place.

For some, Lounge is more than just a club, it is a way of life.
Ed: Are we frequenting Lizard Lounge this evening?
Rich: Of course. Chloe, make the call.


*a fun time is had by all*
por ilovelounge 10 de Abril de 2011
The location where one goes to do dirty work. The place to get skinny. Lizards have tails that can fall off. When we are making a deuce, we are growing tails that fall off. Also known as the throne, shitter, outhouse, and the john.
This morning I took my time reading the paper in the lizard lounge.
por mateo r 11 de Fevereiro de 2008