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Acronym used during instant messaging (AIM) by douchebags. Stands for "Love Ya."
xXradxchickXx: bla bla bla
bAbYbLuAnGeL19283: omg i g2g
xXradxchickXx: ok bai bai
bAbYbLuAnGeL19283: l8r, ly
por DMSO 14 de Novembro de 2005
A word shouted in disbelief responding to a statement which can not possibly be false or which has already been agreed upon. Often used in "Invader Zim", an animated television show.
A: I specifically remember taking it with me when I got out of the car...
B: It's not in the car.
por J Dogg 15 de Outubro de 2003
Something said when you disagree with what happened.
Jebus was railed by RevStan.
Jebus: Lies!
por RevStan 08 de Janeiro de 2004
Wedding vows
Please respect these lies (but we all know they won't)
por Timeee265 14 de Abril de 2009
lies are like children- hard work! But in the end worth it because the future depends on them
man: hey stopping telling lies, thats bad!
child: actually you will find that they are the future, as am i
por Satan with a Perm 22 de Junho de 2010
A word shouted in disbelief after a shocking statement, in thinking that this statement is a lie.
Joey: I killed spongebob.
Alex: Lies!
por oh happy days! 29 de Junho de 2009
Fox News
Fox News Lies
por yummyyumu 27 de Fevereiro de 2011