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The act of standing in front of a bowed or seated male or female with an erect penis. Placing said penis on each shoulder and head in the same manner as king or Queen dubbing a true knight.
As with tea bagging this action is sexual in nature usually meaning to gratify, punish, embarrass, or promote laughter.
" Ian was asking to be Knighted after refusing to make me a sandwich"!
#tea bagging #christening #praisingtheking #cherrydip #tractorpull
por Atom Bianchi 07 de Fevereiro de 2009
to get dunked on so hard that you land on your back
DeAndre Jordan got the alley oop from CP3 and knighted that dude.
#dunk #slam #throwdown #lay up #finger roll #three pointer
por pricerman 11 de Março de 2013
Receiving a blowjob while in a castle. This can be an authentic pre-16th Century castle or a later reproduction made using the techniques of Western European castle engineers.
You: "Dude, I was on a date at Bancroft Tower and the girl blew me in the castle!"

Friend: "Oh my God, you got knighted!"
#knights #castle #blowjob #blowie #knighting
por blankcastle 22 de Março de 2013
Facing your partner, with them on their knees, place one's penis on one shoulder shoulder then the other, in a manner akin to a king knighting a squire.
Before getting a blow job, Bob knighted Becky and she like it!
#sex #penis #humiliation #domination #oral sex
por Dr. Dre-chuck 14 de Agosto de 2009
The act of being beat, hit, or crushed with a nightstick by another person or object.
Last night on my way home, some police stopped my car and knighted me.
#nighted #night ed #kight ed #nited #to be knighted #knight #knighting
por Gekode 22 de Abril de 2013
When a guy cum on her shoulders and after that he declares her ma'am and stand up proud.
i totaly knighted my girl last night, she's now a ma'am.
#knighted #king #knight #cum #ma'am #wet #shoulders #girl #lol
por HairyPotterFD 04 de Outubro de 2012
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