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I can see how you might think Al Franken had coined the expression if you had never heard it before, but it was an expression my mother when I was growing up -- and she died in 1984.
When Al picked up the tab for dinner he joked about me being a tightwad; I felt bad because I figured he was probably kidding on the square.
por PaulDee 24 de Março de 2004
53 43
joking, but also meaning it
por anonymous 09 de Novembro de 2003
185 29
A Frankenism, meaning joking, but really meaning it.
Nick: Hey, Frank, how's the wife treatin' ya?
Frank: Fuck you, Nick.
Nick: Kidding on the square, Frank!
por Dorian Black 08 de Junho de 2005
21 63