The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He can be sweet and sensitive and overprotective all at once. He fights for what he believes in, and will never back down if he feels that the one he cares for is in danger. He doesn't cuss every other word, in fact he tries not to cuss at all. He may be mistaken for an emo, but really he is just not afraid to share his emotions. He is human unlike what most guys want you to believe. He is a hard worker by nature, but he never has to work very hard to make his girlfriend smile. He loves those people in his heart like there is no tomorrow. He is attractive but his personality is absolutely stunning and unique. He treats girls with the upmost respect. Loyal he will be, honesty is the best policy for him. A good friend he is, he can be trusted with any secret and will always pull through even when the going gets tough.He is a friend to keep, and a guy to love. His understanding and supportive nature can put anyone at ease as he is never judgmental but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He can be spontaneous, but he prefers to ask your preference before doing anything that could possibly be upsetting or taken the wrong way, he is the ultimate man!
wow, your dating a Joshua!
#josh #joshua #awesome #man #ultimate
por definingjoshua 02 de Fevereiro de 2010
An amazing boyfriend, smart, funny, handsome, stylish, outgoing, really good at video games. really good with the chicks. truthful and honest, he loves his girlfriend with all his heart and he is always finding ways to put a smile on her face. he loves to fall asleep on the phone with her, it makes him feel like shes right there beside him. He is very passionate about his girlfriend, he is always telling her how much he loves her. He always doing his best trying to be romantic and sweet. he loves to cuddle with his girlfriend and no one else, he is loyal to his girlfriend, and doesn't always think about sex. it does come to his mind. but being with her is his 1st priority. The girl he fell in love with always have his heart. he doesn't want it back because that's the girl of his dreams. he has lots of friends but there usually drunken or stoned dumb asses. But he approves of them. he is really into Arabic girls. after all his girlfriend is one.

He will only fall in love with a girl named Rania.
omg ur boyfriend is so sweet, he has to be a Joshua

dude your soo cool, ur name must be Joshua

that party animal is Joshua

my loving boyfriend is Joshua
#joshua #lol #love #funny #arabic girls
por sharp1e_- 19 de Julho de 2009
There really are no words to describe a Joshua. They have an amazing personality and they definitely know how to charm a girl. Joshua will always be there for no matter what...he is so caring and soooooooo sweet! OH! how could I forget to mention how attractive they are=) Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 Joshua definitely broke the scale!
random person:Hey have you met Joshua

Stranger: Yeah and he is AWESOME!!!
#sweet #kind #caring #good looking #amazing
por obsessedwithfruits 06 de Agosto de 2010
Great, amazing guy. Loving and sweet. Loves telling his girlfriend how much he loves her. Is shy at first, but when you get to know him, he'll open like a book. He's very sexy and girls stare at him all the time. He thinks other girls are cute, but stays strongly committed to his girlfriend. He is very funny and loves comedy and standup. Loves watching football games and being with the guys but never over being with his girlfriend. He has amazing eyes and will break your heart when he cries. Very sentimental and emotional. Very very very easy to love. Once you get him, you'll never want to lose him.
That guy is totally a Joshua!! I have to have him!!!!
#sweet guy #amazing #best #josh #sweetheart
por Liz17 02 de Outubro de 2010
the best boyfriend in the whole world, Good at sports, funny, muscular and amazing. Great kisser, and a Sweetie Pie. Pure hearted. Easy to fall for and impossible to get over. The best friend ever.
"I love you forever, Joshua." said his wife, Zion.
#zion #and #joshua #forever #more
por Joshua Carl 20 de Novembro de 2010
Dual personality, a man of opposites. Charming with amazing eyes. Unassuming. The king of acting hot and cold. Deserves more in life and love. Makes you fall hard then walks away. Difficult to communicate with and can often behave like a narcissist. Smells good.
A great person to his friends and can be caring at times. Needs and wants someone who will love him and care for him as he is.
Could have been that person.
You're confusing me, why are you acting like a Joshua?
#josh #joshie #joshua gemini #hot and cold #dual personality.
por s80 06 de Fevereiro de 2010
One of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. Sweet, funny and spontaneous, he'll sweep you off your feet. Obviously been put in the 'friend zone' too many times, all he wants is the love he's never gotten. A passion for music. While he does sometimes talk about sex, it's not all that's on his mind. Knows exactly the right words to say to someone to cheer them up. A great friend. Caring, and romantic, with a great sense of humor. Has crazy beautiful eyes and an amazing smile. Loves Dana and totally wants to nail her ;)
Girl 1: You know Joshua?
Girl 2: Oh yeah, that super intelligent attractive guy?
Girl 1: Yeah. Well, guess who's dating him now?
Girl 2: I'm so jealous!
#amazing #funny #great #caring #beautiful
por EyesSewnShutx 20 de Junho de 2011
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