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Undesirable; less-than optimum.
Your mother cooks janky collard greens.
por Boomer 09 de Dezembro de 1999
267 229
(adjective) inferior quality; held in low social regard; old and delapidated; refers almost exclusively to inanimate material objects, not to people
We tried to pick up on these girls waiting for the bus, but I was driving my sister's janky 1989 geo metro so we just got clowned instead.
por the jankinator 25 de Março de 2003
2987 831
adjective used to describe a person, place or thing which is questionable, fucked up, wrong, strange, broken down, undesirable, and/or just some thing you can't think of another word for. The origin of this work is explained somewhat in the conversation example. Friends and I were sitting around drinking coffee one morning, and I was bitching about my empty cup when my friend blamed the lack of coffee on the "janky ass coffee maker." I have since heard the word in the movie Friday.
Other forms: janked, janked up, janked out,
I was dancing with my friends and some janky old mutherfucker came up to me and started grabbin' my ass!

Michelle: yo, when's that coffee going to be ready?

Crystal: I don't know. This janky ass coffee maker takes forever.

He was a weirdo and made me feel all janked out, so I left.

I didn't get into Harvard. I don't know what I'm going to do now - it's totally janked up.
por Michelle Stinnett 01 de Agosto de 2005
1112 588
Poorly constructed or of poor quality
This janky shirt she gave me is falling apart.
por Werd 08 de Dezembro de 2002
970 471
Poorly constructed or put together, and does not seem like it should function at all, although it may perform beyond expectations.
That entire computer system is janky
por leaf 11 de Novembro de 2003
377 262
A conjunctive form of both skanky and junky, thus denoting something both gross and in poor condition.
My friend, Larry, lives in a real shit-hole. There's dirty socks on the couch and it smells of bong-water. Man, that place is janky!
por Clinto-beans 13 de Julho de 2006
325 263
an undesireable item that has both bad taste in style and quality.
That old shoe is janky.
por Lee Chun 25 de Maio de 2003
173 148