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Hardcore, wrist tiring, cock swelling jacking off to the extreme.
Hey man, sorry I can't go out tonight. Why? Well, I can't walk... well it's because I've been jackerbating since Tuesday and my cock is chaffed and balls are swollen.
por KILLRHEDAKE 24 de Novembro de 2009
6 2
The act of masturbating to Jack Bauer
Yesterday I walked in on my roommate jackerbating on the couch again
por teenwolf&wolverine 30 de Janeiro de 2011
1 0
to ejecaulate with lots of emotion and hardness; to masturbate with lots of force
Brandon Penton was jackerbating with his friend Owen Strassner; and Brandon Penton jizzed on Owen's cabinents.
por Brazzzerss 22 de Maio de 2010
2 2