A store in our scary mall where a tiny piece of shadow where all of us original and "different" nad "gothic" people can enojy the black light. For one thing no one even knows the definition of "Gothic" or "Prep" and why we use these words is above me. It happens to be right across Hollister where popular and "preppy" girls go and buy bikinis where the less material there is the more it costs. Hot Topic is my choice of the two, and the labels will fly. People say they hate labels and yet they use them too. We'll survive.
"Preps": Ewww...she's wearing all black from Hot Topic. My mom said store is run by the devil. Hey, are you a goth?
"Goth": I say Hollister is a I-wanna-be-just-like-everyone-else store and Hot Topic is where you can be different than all of you....*stalks off*
"Prep": EWWW!!!!
por Evette 25 de Maio de 2005
A good, although pricey store (but still a bargain bin compared to Abercrombie & Fitch and with better made clothing) that has been given a bad reputation ever since that poser Avril Lavigne (shudders) became popular.
por Kevin 03 de Setembro de 2003
a place to go get retro cartoon stuff...or stuff that scares people but i go there for the wrong reason cuz carebears r waaaaaaay cooler then dead people
me:feenee i just spent $80 on fraggle rock/carebear tees at hot topic! feenee:caro u prep! haha let the fraggles play boober!
por carobearo 15 de Maio de 2003
Greasers, rudes, skinheads, punks, goths, hardcore kids. . .loud proud and poor.
Punk and its affiliates are musics of the working man. The poor
Hot Topic is, for the most part, a store for the rich who want to look poor.
It is the death of DIY
Find a local store for the essentials (bullet belts, studs. . stuff you cant do your self) its more in the spirit

also ok here goes: its not the GC kid or the Simple Plan kid I wanna strangle the shit out of. . .its the kid from the middle class suburban home sporting a crimson ghost skull! ok boys and girls guess what. . .Glenn Danig would scare you. . .skinheads arent racists. . . the guy in the suit IS more punk then you will ever be, and stop trying to buy drugs off me. I dont need your filthy substances. . I got booze and freinds and my devotchka

(shopping at hot topic is ok as long as you arent proud of it and know your place. .. my belt is from hot topic IT WAS A GIFT! I SWEAR!)
The Skin: Hey Glenn Wanna go to Hot Topic and scare the soccer kids?

Glenn: If they call you a racist I will eat their brains. Any way I only need one stud and the Catalyst is closed. . .
por Oi!U 11 de Janeiro de 2004
the place where goths go and pay way to much for shirts with wierd slogans to be "unique" then go home and say that hollister co. and abercrombie are retarded becuase they realized that the people that shop there are hotter than they are.
"look at these black and red pants with way too many zippers. i got these and a black shirt from hot topic for only $110! i cant belive those people that shop at hollister co. Why would they pay less than half of this for something worth wearing?"
por your a retard 15 de Junho de 2005
a place visited by posers who like to make other people feel sorry for them by buying black clothing that costs just as much as it would be at abercrombie. just as mainstream as every other store in the mall, they carry scary shirts containing pictures of good movies, essentially turning them into "goth" or "stoner" movies. they also blare crappy music including korn, which is the only band i've heard of that has parental advisory on their CD not just becuase of swearing but because of "violent content". what, is it not good enough to swear at exes, now we have to chop them up?

this store also includes scary posters of long dead stoner rock stars. and evil jewelry that should be banned at concerts.
person 1: "i just got this awesome goth shirt at hot topic"
person 2: "omg u idiot... only posers shop there... you might as well shop at gap"
person 1: "OMG!!!!!111ONEONE!1eleven11~~111!!!!!!. i'm gonna kill u with this new evil, bloody way that i heard about on my korn CD!!!"
person 2: *flaunts gap bag*
por evilpyschopenguin 19 de Fevereiro de 2005
a clothing store for rich preps who have suddenly turned rebellious and "punk."
poser: lets go to hot topic and spend $1000 on patches, spikes, pins, and other poser clothes.
por ro 11 de Maio de 2003
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