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A shot performed in the sport of hockey where you take a slap shot, but only winding up a small amount. Great for getting off a quick, hard shot from the slot.
That kid has a sick half slap. You don't even know when it's coming because his back swing is so subtle.
por SeeEss 28 de Outubro de 2012
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when you slap or get slapped by a person or dwarf owning a hands of a baby
Cody: I will slap you with these baby hands
Cliff: You mean half slap dontcha?
por bamdalam 15 de Setembro de 2011
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The action of using only half the power of a slap to take someone out, Someone who gets halfslaped
The only actual halfslap i've seen was Eric.
por Dylan, biTChes! 06 de Maio de 2005
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