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Large, ming-a-ding-ding string of sticky green snot excreted from the mouth.
There was a swinging grolly hangihng from the bus ceiling.
por Cat Heath 05 de Novembro de 2003
37 6
a wad of mucus from the nose
"I sneezed out a green grolly with hairs in."
por Mad Walrus 04 de Agosto de 2002
36 11
Congealed nasal mucus. Booger or bogey. Plural of grolly.
I need some tissue because I've got some big grollies up my hooter.
por #Pezza# 13 de Janeiro de 2008
9 2
Guardian Readers Of Limited Intelligence In Ethnic Skirts
One Doctor to another:"She's tried everything to cure It- vegetarian diet, acupuncture, hypnosis, cystals, homeopathy... one of your typical Grollies!
por wolseley 13 de Março de 2008
6 6
hairy wheels, nadjas
por Urbandurban 04 de Julho de 2003
7 13
creeper or crawler of unpleasant type - nits, gnats, maggots etc.
waiter! there is a grolly in my salad
por deb o'hara 13 de Novembro de 2004
3 17
a short human being, of the male gender, intelligent, clever and original
Wow that bloke is amazing, he's a grolly
por Simon 18 de Setembro de 2003
3 21