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British chef who will go postal on yo ass if you fuck up in the kitchen and will call you a donkey.
Chef 1: "I burned the beef wellingtons chef"
Gordon Ramsay: "Piss off you donkey"
#chef #hells kitchen #donkey #piss off #food
por jackinahole44 19 de Fevereiro de 2010
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An ex-shite-footballer turned acid-tongued chef who appears to have a severely dried apricot for a face
Guy: There was nothing on tv last night, so i was watching "The F Word" and i realised, wtf is wrong with Gordon Ramsay's face?
Guy 2: I dunno, let's ask Jeeves(?)
#wrinkly #old #haha #weird #crap
por tata12 24 de Agosto de 2009
An English chef famous for his raging temper in the kitchen. He is also known for presenting TV programmes about competitive cookery and food, such as Hell's Kitchen, The F-Word and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. He's the highest payed chef in the world, with a supposed 60 million dollar empire. He has been awarded a total of 16 Michelin Stars.

Oh, and he's HOT!
#chef #swear #celebrity #gordan #ramsey #cooking #kitchen
por iMilanoo 20 de Agosto de 2009
Celeb chef who just swears.
In F-word kitchen when Gordon Ramsay just lost a challenge...

#f-word #swear #kitchen #chef #gordon ramsay
por Italic Weirdo 19 de Julho de 2008
Some stupid foul mouthed Chef
Gordon Ramsay is Gordon FUCKING Ramsay
#gordon #ramsay #chef #fucking #idiot
por Wiganer 08 de Janeiro de 2009
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