I can't believe anyone is putting down this phrase!!!!! I'm from the "North", and if my Boss came to me and said "Get This Finished!", I would be PO'ed the rest of the day! But, if he said "Git Er Done!", I would try like hell! The "American" English language is based on slang! We add words to the "English" dictionary every year that are taken directly from "OUR" language! If you people want to speak "Proper English", Then go back and live with the Queen! And get the hell out of America! We don't have room for people that can't appreciate a little clean humor!
Git Er Done = Just some light hearted humor!
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por CC. 01 de Fevereiro de 2006
Top Definition
A redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task. Shows support, encouragement, or respect. Often used in reference to potential sexual encounters.
Lee: I got a paper due tomorrow...
Rawdy: Git Er Done!!

Two guys at a bar see a really hot chick, and one says, "Git Er Done"!
por Dr. Frobious PHD (subculture languages) 06 de Fevereiro de 2004
A ridiculously vacuous phrase most often uttered by white middle-class suburbanites and lower-class city dwellers to express an imaginary connection with the country or cowboy lifestyles. Most often used in reference to a task, since it is a take on "get her done," meaning to finish a job, primarily something associated with blue-collar work. The biggest fans of this phrase and its subsiquent cultural niche are those who either have never lived on a farm, never seen a cow, or are unhealthily obsessed with country music. They most often drive pick-up trucks that they don't actually haul anything in, but like to rig out with winches and toolboxes as if they've got important things to do. Similar to poser and cowboy up.
Cleatus: "Gotta go 'round old man Miller's ranch and git them irrigation pipes."
John Boy: "Let's git er done."

Suburban whitey 1: "Hey, you want to help me install this 200 dollar tool box into my overpriced and ridiculously big pick-up that I only have to haul the groceries home and make me feel better about my small penis?"

Suburban whitey 2: "Let's git er done."
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por Eric in NE 01 de Março de 2006
originally made famous by Larry the Cable Guy used most often by rednecks.
Say a gentleman by the name of Q (in the tone of southern drawl) states:
"This thar tranny in that thar neon (dang dodge) seem to ha separated. Need dem parts to sho."
Gentleman next to him, aptly named OBX states:
"Git'er done!"
por Magic Mike 16 de Abril de 2004
an exhortation encouraging someone to complete a task. the phrase has lurid psychological underpinnings associated with bringing a woman to orgasm which may account partially for its vast and otherwise inexplicable popularity.

whenever i hear this phrase i always recoil thinking--please don't come at me attempting to be southern with the nationalized media vernacular of lawrence the cable man.
how can i prove that i am a sleazy undersexed leering fool? i know, i'll say "git er done."
#git'r done #complete your tasks #i'm a fool #let's be vulgar #etc
por Mark Clinton Davis 14 de Dezembro de 2006
Git-er-done is a statement of boisterous completion or encouraging another person to get something done, completed or finished. It can also be used at random times, such as traffic jams, sports events and oh yes - your favorite I'm sure, Nascar. Its origins are thought by some to be sexual, which it does work well in that context, but its not limited to that. In the last two years Git-er-done has debuted in many social and ethnic settings, thus expanding its borders beyond redneckdome to actual cultural diversity.
Redneck 1: Git-er-done!
Redneck 2: YEAH! GIT-ER-DONE!!
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por TheSarahJ 15 de Outubro de 2007
A term used by rednecks for nearly everything. It doesn't even have to be used in it's original sense which means to get something done or "Get her done", as rednecks are usually too ignorant to care.

Use of the word signifies that you are a complete fucking idiot that probably has little knowledge of the English language. It may also suggest that you are inbred or enjoy fucking members of your family.
A - Let's get drunk, hop in the ol' 4x4 and head on down to that there rodeo, Jim Bob.

B - Oh hell yeah uncle daddy, let's git 'er done!
#get her done #get 'er done #git her dun #git 'er dun #get her dun
por steviewonder 30 de Janeiro de 2009
A phrase amongst rednecks that symbolizes pride.

Although the term is commonly miss used in urban culture to express humor or encouraging others to complete a task, but to many it is an ideology identifying with high value.

This ideology consists of a wide verity of character traits, to make a short list:

-Being able to do the impossible by any means necessary regardless of conditions, difficulty or practicality.

-Being able to endure great emotional turmoil and not burden others with whining or complaining.

-Being proactive in your environment to create the best possible lifestyle for yourself and others around you.

-To be Industrious and efficient. Having the ability to do the extraordinary. Example; Building a house in a summer by yourself.
Uses in this context:
Example #1

If one is lacking in the above traits and is showing negative behavior towards a task, a friend can state "Get 'Er Done" appealing to the persons pride to push through a complete a task and do it without being a bitch about it.

Ie: A tree (with a 12" trunk) needs to be removed to complete the job, but the only tool available is a shovel. Buddy complains and states that it can not be done and refuses to try without a saw. Buddy responds by saying GIT 'ER DONE!
They proceed to use ingenuity and hard effort to remove the tree in 30 minutes only using shovels.

Example #2

To show respect towards people who embrace these traits and used them to become prosperous or help others.

Ie: Our troops GIT 'ER DONE!
#git 'er done #get er done #get it done #determination #perseverance #purpose
por Quit derpin... 14 de Julho de 2012
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