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Grand Theft Auto IV - A Game from the popular series by Rockstar; GTA. To be released on the 29th April 2008.
GTA IV Will be the best game ever!
por MrCave 10 de Abril de 2008
322 95
One of the best games ever made in the history of gaming, possibly outdoing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Dude, you got GTA IV?! Man, I'm so jealous my dad won't let me because he's Jack Thompson.
por Niko Bellic 01 de Maio de 2008
274 105
Grand Theft Auto 4. It will be released for the PS3 and XB360 around October 2007.
GTA IV is gonna fucking own!!!
por ChaosWolf 14 de Maio de 2006
309 194
In GTA IV, you play as Nico Bellic (AKA NB) a Russian army dude who goes to NYC by boat.
Friend: Did ya get GTA IV?
Me : Yea dude
por Beer Boudewijn 27 de Maio de 2008
55 136