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Gay Old Man Fist. The act of shaking your hand in the air the way a gay old man would. Used to show disgust with someone or something.
GOMF you!!!
I GOMFed that kid for saying something so stupid.
#gomf #gay #old #man #fist #shake #diss
por Ian B 23 de Março de 2008
get outa my face
We got to the club, the music (and/or people) wasn't as good "as they said," so we told them to "gomf get outa my face," and left.
"Man? You best gomf get outa my face!
#back up #get back #leave the scene #piss off #back the fuck up
por DvyD 31 de Março de 2015
Acronym for "Get Outta My Face!" phrase derived from users of the Amiga computer, GOMF was originally a hack that dismissed critical errors called 'Guru Meditation.' These nerds expanded the use of the phrase to everyday situations.
GOMF cat! Quit eating my spaghetti!
#amiga #geek #nerd #autistic #otaku
por tchotchotch 04 de Agosto de 2008
Tiffany likes Justin Bieber and 7000 other pages.

#annoying #stupid #leave #me #alone #online
por wtf_Charlie 15 de Abril de 2011
Ghettoed Out Mother Fuckers. The act of shaking your thumb, pointer and index finger in the air the way a ghetto ass mother fucker would. Used to show how bad ass you are.
"Yo we are so GOMF"
#badass #ghetto #mofo #gangster #kew
por Melinda F. 03 de Novembro de 2008
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