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F or
O ff
R oad
D riving
dude, lets take that ford to the desert!!!
por B123456789k 22 de Setembro de 2008
The best car company in the whole world, usualy slagged out by dumb shits that can only think of four word acronyms but back them up with no real facts.
which ever fucker said that holdens have more power than fords is wrong, look at the XR6, it has more power than the Superchaged commo "s" and the xr6t has more power than the commo "ss"
por wheelz 09 de Junho de 2004
For Old Retarded Drivers
por kingcarlos 29 de Outubro de 2003
Spanish for piece of shit.
Look at his piece of shit ford truck.
por ACKlck 30 de Agosto de 2010
The common shortened term of the popular motor company, meaning:
1. Found on road Dead.
2. Found on Russian Dump.
That car was Ford.
Dude, you got a Ford!
por ssavoy 09 de Dezembro de 2007
Far Out Rust Designs.

Car company that is to cheap to use proper durable material. Resulting in rust and overall cheapness of product.
If you've bought a Ford, youve been brainwashed. I'm sorry.
por Maliciaxx 18 de Outubro de 2007
Ford Only Represents Death
por Anonymous 04 de Novembro de 2003