For Overweight Redneck Douchebag
That motherfucker drives a F.O.R.D
por Billy Carlson 31 de Agosto de 2006
fucked over rebuilt dodge
por Anonymous 23 de Outubro de 2003
The absolute worst manufacturer and vehicle ever even thought of. The trucks are so crappy! Especiallly with the Powerstroke engines! The Mustangs are not that great. A Dodge Challenger would smoke it so easily in a quarter mile. The suv's are small and slow. Everything is very crappily built. Everything is wicked slow! Just get a Dodge!
"Hey man, did you just see me kill thawt twin turbo Ford Powerstroke with my stockCummins?"

"Heck yeah dude! Ford sucks!
por Dodgefreak 11 de Maio de 2011
Spanish for piece of shit.
Look at his piece of shit ford truck.
por ACKlck 30 de Agosto de 2010
Far Out Rust Designs.

Car company that is to cheap to use proper durable material. Resulting in rust and overall cheapness of product.
If you've bought a Ford, youve been brainwashed. I'm sorry.
por Maliciaxx 18 de Outubro de 2007
circle the problem and highlight in blue
ford is the black sheep of american cars!!
por all mighty 26 de Abril de 2007
Ford Only Represents Death
por Anonymous 04 de Novembro de 2003

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