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u fresh from head to toe
Wunmi: Im goin to be flatout at the go-go tomorrow
Destiny: me too.....cuz these niggasz are goin to be watchin
por Wunmi 14 de Outubro de 2007
4 1
1. plain, open and direct

2. at full speed

3. total, complete
He just farted in my face, flat-out.
por The Return of Light Joker 17 de Setembro de 2007
21 25
Straight up
Rebecca says I really like your red shirt. Theresa says flat out. Rebecca says: straight up!
por T 11 de Junho de 2004
42 91
when youve smoked an immense amount of weed or drank loads of alchohol and your on ure back
guy 1: dude wot u doin
guy 2: not alot up im flat out on the floor
por wubadoo 28 de Dezembro de 2005
38 129
1. Someone who can can dress; fresh
2. Something that is highly acceptable
Are those the seven jeans with the dolce and gabana hoodie? Son you are flat out.
por Mello F 22 de Outubro de 2007
46 151
To be extremely busy.
Jane: It's lunch time. You want to go grab a bite to eat?

Kate: Thanks, but I can't right now - I'm flat out...
por g_pi 26 de Julho de 2005
1309 7416