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during a LONG Fart , in the shower , while water runs between the butt crack , the sound is muffled to a gargling sound
When I FARGLED , I thought I sharted the shower !!!
#fart #gargle #shart #shat #ching di
por Mofus Bubbadink 07 de Agosto de 2007
A Fargle is when you accidentally Fart whilst Gargling. One should be careful not to inhale whilst fargling, leaving a taste reminiscent of hard boiled eggs in mouth. That would be gross, knowing it is NOT eggs you're tasting.
Ooofff!! That was one greezy Fargle!
#fart #gargle #fart gargle #shart #shizzart #blood fart #greaser
por JTB56 06 de Março de 2014
The act of completing a game or series of "Paper, Rock, Scissors" in order to determine the results of any series of events held in dispute between two people.
"Me and Ernie fargled to see who'd play next on the XBOX and I smoked him with a Triple Scissors Combo."

"Dude, we both said 'not it' at the same time. Let's fargle for it to see who turns the light off."
#rock #paper #scissors #disputes #decisions #competition
por jimbizzle 23 de Abril de 2007
messed up, to mess up.
That's fargled up. You got fargled up.
por wckd 07 de Setembro de 2003
A word that can be any adjective you want. used to destroy the words swag and cray which mean nothing as fargle can mean anything.
"god your such a fargle"
#swag #cray #homo #gay #nice
por cannibal sion 20 de Outubro de 2011
an accidental fart occurring during a fit of laughter
haha, you just fargled!!
#fart #giggle #laugh #fargle #fargled
por memememeeee 25 de Dezembro de 2009
A fart which doesn't escape the ass cheaks as you lean foward, and is forced back up the ass making a reverse fart noise as you lean back thinking the task was done.
Mike leaned foward in his chair to fart, but as he leaned back in his chair a nasty fargle let him know he didn't push hard enough.
#reverse fart #fart #gargle #fat fart #gurgle
por Rooaaddss 02 de Junho de 2006
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