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For The Mother Fucking Win

wayfast: jo0 don't like teh steve?

jeebus: his teeth sorta hurt my weiner.

wayfast: ohh taht sucks, jo0 should have made him take teh dentures out ftmfw.


*created by WayFast, as guillermo on a tdf chat.
por Josh aka WayFast aka Guillermo aka CliqueMob 07 de Fevereiro de 2006
972 147
Function: abbreviation
For the Mother Fucking Win

Acronym commonly used by middle-aged men who are just learning Internet slang. To be avoided unless you wish to inspire douche chills.
1: "That party was off the hook. Brandi took her top off FTMFW!!!!"

2: "John used "FTMFW" in a Facebook update again, it gave me douche chills."
por pdsmc 25 de Junho de 2010
37 96
fuck the mutha fuckin world
ftmfw !!
por peedi hamilton 01 de Outubro de 2009
37 251