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Nstead of that YOLO bullshit
1: Hey man, what are you doing? YOLO!
2: Fuck that YOLO shit, FLY!!
FLY for life.

Before taking a shot, say "FLY"
por ...e.j.f... 29 de Abril de 2012
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cool, in style
He was drivin some fly ass car
por anonymous 16 de Junho de 2002
3883 1555
verb; to work in an acceptable way, or will realistically happen.
Don't even try that. It ain't gonna fly.
por New York person 30 de Novembro de 2005
1261 387
the act of completeing a short errand which serves a group purpose by means of mechanical locomotion such as an automobile, motorcycle, or even bicycle, but ironically, not any form of aircraft.
"I'll buy if you FLY."
(i'll buy us (both) pizza, if you retrieve it (resonably quickly)(for us).
por mainframe 31 de Outubro de 2003
1067 351
v., to feel as though you're high and/or floating, especially after a BDSM-related experience mixing pleasure and pain
After about 5 minutes under Jamie's cane, Casey was flying.
por Erudit 04 de Junho de 2009
886 280
1. the zip on ur jeans that keeps the slodier in his tank
2. meaning sexy hot genarally nice person
3. an anoying bug
1. ur flying low
2. pretty fly for a white guy
3 shit i swollowed a fly
por wonder woman 09 de Fevereiro de 2004
1762 1555
Contrary to popular belief, this work is acutally a verb (and not a noun as it is commonly percieved in such retarded phrases as: "I am one fly mother fucker." This is however pretty queer. Fly-->To travel through the air.
Learn how to use this word properly or else go fly of a cliff you sorry piece of illiterate shit.
por Dominic 23 de Março de 2005
487 376