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good herb.
this is that fire.
por sky 10 de Maio de 2003
1757 492
The second element used to summon Captain Planet.


By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
por Captain Planet Summoner 27 de Janeiro de 2005
1591 598
some fuckin good ass weed
i smoke blunts everyday so don't ask me shit and
if that weed ain't fire then don't pass me shit nigga
por king of crunk 15 de Setembro de 2005
862 432
originated in tha 1970's greenhouse culture.. adapted by urban gangstas, fire now represents some of tha best chronic avaliable. simply having red hairs isnt good enough to qualify as tha fire, tha shit must be super chronic one hitta quitta(see def.)
u better check yoself when u hit that shit, its tha fire..
por rico suave 24 de Fevereiro de 2005
578 325
incredible, hot, crazy, nice... etc
"yo look at this rhyme i wrote"
"yooooo that shit is fire!"
por shhaauunn 29 de Julho de 2005
362 126
scourge of Prometheus, toaster of marshmallows, eradicator of dead wood
fire is the scourge of Prometheus.
fire is used to toast marshmallows.
fire eradicates dead wood.
por kyle the ninja 26 de Março de 2005
473 274
The result of large amounts of energy expulsion, produces heat and light; a slang term for exceptionally kind marijuana, often characterized by an abundance of red or orange hairs, similar to the hues of fire.
The combustion of gasoline produces fire.
This bud is some serious fire!
Hey man, where da fire at?
por m1ndj0b 09 de Março de 2003
295 190