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A non-vulgar way of saying the expression "Fat F*ck"; something that is "FF Class" is big, large, extreme, over the top, and/or excessive.

This phrase originated in south Florida while trying to describe a large Mercedes a co-worker had gotten under a lease. The original (paraphrased) dialogue was as follows: "What class Mercedes is that?" and the response was "A Fat F*ck Class Mercedes", which then evolved into the phrase, "an FF-Class Mercedes."

The phrase was made widely public by a YouTube Director {who was involved in describing the aforementioned Mercedes}, with the first usage during the upgrade of a Macintosh G4 computer.

The video is entitled "Macintosh G4 Upgrade (FF-Class)", where usage of the phrase is from time marker 04:26 to 04:33.

In the video, an old Macintosh system is heavily upgraded with excessive and expensive add-ons (specifically, the video card) to make it an "FF-Class System."

The drain from the FF-Class video card was so excessive, that it caused a problem with the power supply where the machine wouldn't even boot!

Popularity of the video helped propagate the phrase within the tech sectors in the US and the United Kingdom.
"The Apple 30 Inch Cinema Display? That is an FF-Class Monitor!"
"That was an FF-Class Chinese Buffet!"
"He just bought her an FF-Class engagement ring."
"I received an FF-Class commission check this month."
"I just installed an FF-Class processor upgrade in my computer."
"I just purchased an FF-Class home entertainment system."
por Alfred_FL 28 de Abril de 2008
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"Fat Fuck" Class as defined by YouTube user Alfred Diblasi. Something exceedingly--often humorously--large.
1. That is an FF Class four core whore.
2. That is one FF Class box of thin mints.
3. That urban assault vehicle is FF Class.
por eekolite 31 de Agosto de 2008

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