Paper money....dollars, tens, twenties, hundreds.
"Yo man....let me hold some ends. I'll hit you back on Friday, my brother."
#money #bones #c notes #dollars #dead presidents
por Carl Pickens 20 de Março de 2007
To be ended.
#end #to get some #got some #will get some #gangstaface
por Commando717 06 de Dezembro de 2009
The final chapter of a series or story.
The top/bottom of something.
The finish.
"Your dick has no end."

"Your mouth has no end. Shut the hell up."
por Bastardized Bottomburp 17 de Março de 2003
giving another brother the 'ends' of your joint or letting them finish it.
me: dude can i ends that zoot?
guy: sure man, you can have ends.
#draw #marajuana #joint #enz #toke
por bong master of old 15 de Novembro de 2011
1. a share or portion

2. the greatest
You get an end of the profits for your help, but are still not satisfied. If that is not a good reason to volunteer I don't know what is.
#end of story #end of the line #get the short end of the stick #go off the deep end #no end to something #open ended #rear #tail end charlie #the living end
por The Return of Light Joker 06 de Maio de 2009
In the sport of curling, the subsection of the game where both teams throw the same number of rocks (eight each in a standard game). Scoring only occurs at the conclusion of an end.
Are we playing eight or ten ends?
We're up one with the hammer with one end to play — we're sure to win!
Ferbey scored 4 in the sixth end, so Gushue shook hands.
#curling #stones #rocks #blank #score
por jazzace 13 de Setembro de 2009
N; short for weekend.
"Hey, i take the end off, wanna chill?"

"I cant wait for the ends, school is so stressful"
#weekend #end #chill #rick #astley
por D-Gilly 21 de Março de 2010
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