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por the 163rd emo kid 12 de Julho de 2008
an emo kid is a misfit misunderstood often depressed. these people see beauty in the world..mostly based on pain. these people reject non-emos mostly and deny there emo-ness. most of them cut...but only the fags show off. (these are attention whores NOT TRUE EMOS) real emos often wear whatever the fuck they feel like and dont care about anyones fuckin opinion.
prep: you scare me. why are you so sad?
emo kid: fuck you. (walks away)
prep: (stands still...shaking)
por lyndsay cunt star 29 de Novembro de 2007
Emo-kids can be children ages 11-13 or teenagers ages 13-19. “Flippy Hair” characterizes Emo Kids. Emo boys will often have short hair in the back, but outrageously long bangs that may be dyed or not. It is usually flipped to one side. Emo boys may choose to straighten their hair or not. Colors are optional but will earn extra emo points. Emo girls will usually have dead straight hair with colored side-bangs. Usually red or pink. Emo clothing and scene clothing are very similar. Most often, both sexes will choose to wear girl jeans, or extremely tight pencil jeans. Jeans may vary in color from light blue corduroys to jet black jeans. Emo boys often wear a band shirt portraying either: skulls, guns, blood, hearts, or crying children. Emo girls will be found wearing shirts with robots, hearts, or various sayings on them. Some emo clothing may even be outrageous. Emo kids will always wear black, purple, crimson, or dark grey. Emo clothes for both sexes must be extremely tight. Because of their choice of clothing, they are often mistaken for scenekids. Emo kids will rarely wear Vans. Both sexes chose to wear a Vans imitation called Airwalk. These shoes will most likely be black and have skulls or guns on it. Emo kids are obsessed with death and most often talk about it. The kind of music that emo-kids listen to may vary from Screamo to Mainstream to Underground Punk. Some bands that emo kids may listen to include: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Saosin, From Autumn To Ashes, Killing Hannah, Leftover Crack, and Emmure. The band to start the emo craze was Rites of Spring. This band was very popular with subcultures in the 80s and early 90s. At shows, emo-kids will often stand and sing the lyrics with their eyes closed. It is very rare to see an emo-kid mosh or hardcore dance. Emo-kids are the most educated out of the modern subcultures. They enjoy reading books and writing poetry. Emo poetry is usually sad, depressing, and about the pains of life. Emo-kids often talk about suicide, but most never go through with it. Although emo-kids claim to be sXc (straightedge), they have pictures of themselves smoking and drinking on myspace and facebook. Emo boys and girls will often have gauges and lip piercings. Some accessories that both sexes can be found wearing are: pins, buttons, handbags (or man purses), backpacks, rings, earrings, white studded belts, and nose rings. Emo boys will often wear eyeliner and paint their nails black. Emo-kids are the most hated out of all of the modern subcultures. They are often made fun of by conformists and other social classes. Most people pretend to be emo or use the expression “Cheer up Emo Kid!” These comments can be hurtful to emo-kids and this is why emo-kids don’t often talk to other people other than emo-kids. Making fun of emo-kids is not right, and they should be left alone. Emo-kids are not accepted by any of the subcultures, other than their own. Occasionally some scenekids will hangout with an emo-kid, but it is very rare.
Emo Girl: Hey.
Emo Guy: Hey.
Emo Girl: Lifes pretty bad huh?
Emo Guy: Yeah.
Emo Guy: Conformist..
Emo Girl: Yeah, we're such emo kids.
por Julians0329 14 de Novembro de 2007
I'm sick of seeing this.
Emo = Emotional.
It's a lie.
Emo is short for Emotive Hardcore, a music genre in the 80's. Then MTV messed up the definition, called lots of bands 'emo' and made a whole image for them. They brought yet another label that wasn't needed into this world. Now all that comes out of 'Emo' is bullying and being rejected because you're not cool enough.
News flash.
'Emo' doesn't make you a different person.
So stop acting like it does.
This is a dumb label and is only out there to make people feel lonely and rejected.

por Heart.RAWR. 12 de Novembro de 2007
an Emo kid is someone who listens to Emo, Screamo.
By really understanding this Music, even before reading the genre (on the net), well that wuold make him emotional.
what im trying to say is that by understanding Emo or Screamo Music makes you an emotional person.
by saying Emotional I mean someone who is in touch with his feelings, not that he is only depressed!!!(he could or not be).
if someone is emotional and doesnt listen to emo that means he is not emo but is an emotional person..
emo doesnt stand for emotional music (almost all music is emotional) but it stands for EMOTIONAL (hardocore) PUNK ROCK
(NOT ALL EMO SONGS ARE DEPRESSING, but emotionally happy,sad,Angry,etc...) by saying this i dont want to say tht punk rock isnt emotional but EMO is based on shouting out loud emotions...
(about the scene, well choose i think its cool so il semi go for it, u dont like it, well look at veda skyes,chasing victory,etc... VERY NORMAL PEOPLE)
about kissing guys, well NOT EVERYONE DOES IT, if they do so well they have their reasons (emo is not about kissing guys)
make-up:well thts always the trend part (like it or not u choose if put it on or not)
i wont say anything about the posers 'cause those are everywhere.
EMOS do NOT care of showing their emotions to everyone.
plz dont identify EMOS for fags, or weirdos... if u do well its ur life...
emo kid= normal kid in touch with his emotions, and appriciates EMO music: and by tht expresses his emotions with it and in tht way (there are different ways of expressing ur emotions)
emo poser= might like emo music justo for the screaming

por Johnny D. 91 08 de Março de 2007
First things first, "emo" is NOT short for emotional... Only the "scenekids" think that.After all, surely all songs ever written intend on having some form of emotion in them? Dashboard confessional is not emo. Emo kids don't all have the regulation, long fringe, black dyed hair. Emo kids are not the scene kids!
True emo kid... was emo before everyone decided it was "cool"
Fake emo kid... Scene!
por candy_floss_faeries 22 de Dezembro de 2005
Kids of extreme awesomeness.
Laine, Kendra and Kyla are SUCH emo kids.
'Nuff said.
por emokidsss 25 de Janeiro de 2010

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