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The Greatest Running Back of All Time. Played for the Dallas Cowboys for 13 Seasons, then went to the Cards for 2 seasons.
Emmitt is a PIMP. Thats why he's the all time leader of rushing yards.
por C-Bo 20 de Março de 2005
The best Dallas Cowboys running back of all time. No one will ever match up to him, not even Ladamian Tomlinson.
Emmitt Smith had the hottest partner on Dancing With The Stars.
por TenInchPlaya 17 de Novembro de 2006
A person who refuses to retire.Also see: Jerry Rice
Please retire, you're hanging on like Emmitt Smith in Arizona.
por whitemale_98 30 de Dezembro de 2004
22 inch rims
did you see them emmitt smiths on da caddy
por A-Hop 10 de Junho de 2003