Emily is a beautiful girl, with adorable brown eyes that shine and captivate! With the cutest smile you've ever seen, one that when looked at you smile yourself! She's a girl that loves and is open minded, that will stick by you when you're down. A girl with a huge heart, who just gets treated unfairly and misunderstood. Who saves others by just being beside them, but when she needs saving few are beside her. She's gorgeous beautiful and out, whoever has an Emily will be the luckiest alive in the whole galaxy. Treat her right love her and she'll love you back. She's nice, caring, sweet, never says any wrong about you. Willing to defend you from anyone. She's full of wierdness, randomness and flaws but still perfect! I love the Emily i have! Oce you have one you never want to lose her and if you do, life won't be the same.. She changes you're miserable life and makes it better.
She has a huge heart, she's an Emily!
I'm so lucky i have an Emily.

Feeling like a billionare cause of my Emily
por oreo'smilky 28 de Março de 2013
A usualy ruse or abnoxious person, who can not admit when they are wrong. Usually hated by most everyone, secretly.
You are so rude/ you are such an emily
por danielnickleson 25 de Maio de 2014
a wretched witch who has devoted her life to killing people, she finds pleasure in making cats explode and lives in a futuristic world inside of her mentally handicapped brain. She has no limbs and therefore cries and is very emotional but she has a special power to make anything she wants explode. she especially hates cows, but killed them all off, so she hires those who will paint cats to look like cows so she can kill them.
wow that cat was messed up from an emily.

an emily lets walk the other way.

emily is a dynamite.
por ano151 27 de Janeiro de 2014
A very large, muscular black man who delivers papers
Did you see how BUFF and AFRICAN that guy was?!?! He is a total Emily!
por Jameegl 19 de Fevereiro de 2011
Emily is a wild creature which inhabits small woods searching around from small male hob goblins. Shes a weird soul which has several curls from her balding head. When she finds a hob goblin of her choice, she possess the victim for several days. The victim of an emily will experience several body marks, stamina drained, loss of hair, hairy feet, bite marks and bleeding for different orifices.

After possession victims will feel love for emily and feel the need to be around her consentatly. However emily has gained what she wants from the victim, and reject the victims feelings. The victim will feel a sense of hopelessness and eventually die from a broken heart. Thus emily will absorb the victims soul and move on to her next victim.

'oh now he's been emily'ed!'

'im sure hope emily doesnt turn up'

por iamdabombfrance 05 de Dezembro de 2012
big butt, sexy,cute,hot,fun,
emily love dove she wont to no crap she loves someone
por ko meh javaun resl 30 de Abril de 2012
evil takes a human form in an Emily. Don't be fooled because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she's so much more than that.

Emily is nothing but a home wrecker
An Emily is nothing but a home wrecker
por notahappybunny123 21 de Outubro de 2013
this girl means no harm but is a complete tool. shes hilarious in her own way and belongs in a mental home, shes mad and immature and she will influence you to act like her quite alot but all her friends love her because of those reasons. your friendship group is nothing without an emily
'woah some girl just freak attacked me.. she must an emily'

'our friendship group is so boring, we need a emily!'
por fanofemilys.com123 13 de Outubro de 2011

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