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Down To Get Hosed- This is basically a word a girl can use when she is open for sex and/or sexual relations with one or more partners. The girls is interested in getting hosed down by a penis (es) filled with semen. She is interested in sex.
Friend: "There are a lot of sexy guys here at this meeting. You should have come!"

Me: "WHAT? Ok, tell all the really cute ones that I am DTGH. Ok?"

Friend: "Ok, should I give them your number?"
por IceBomb13 19 de Setembro de 2010
16 5

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Down to give head.
Don't dress like, you're screaming 'I'm DTGH!'
por Logolightly 08 de Outubro de 2010
11 1
down to get high.
yo bro you DTGH and fuck some bitches?
por dj davey blackashell 30 de Dezembro de 2010
5 3