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A slang term for the female labia majora
Oh, my curtains are dead itchy today
por Tom 02 de Maio de 2003
206 47
big funky nasty pussy lips resembling chewed-up bologna!
i spread the curtains on that ho!
por booferama 07 de Novembro de 2006
209 81
N. skirt

Adj. the description of gettin into said skirt.

Adj. a way of life by frequently getting into said skirt.
K: Meff man u open them curtains yet?!?!?!?!?!

Meff: Not yet! I think they are titanium lined!!!!
por K Dub + Meff 20 de Dezembro de 2006
49 21
True English definition for 'Swag' and is also a better way of saying swag or bars.
That nigguh Djaye got curtains for days!
por NastyJerry 25 de Julho de 2011
32 21
Objects that are not only window decorations, but are also used for entertainment, or "hooking" yourslef.
"Wow, Berta, those are some dandy curtains! you can accidently hook them, if you want to!"
por AVictimOfCreepery 28 de Maio de 2011
14 9
your vagina cheeks
girl#1...omg i just had sex for the first time it was amazing!

girl#2...gurl wat choo doing????ur wayyy to young to be letting those curtains open. you'll be one of those teenmoms.
por solk 14 de Janeiro de 2012
14 11
someone you hook up with and then they just kind of hang out in your room after
person 1: hey what's christina doing in your room?
person 2: you know, just hanging out. (like a curtain)
por icklediddykins 19 de Março de 2013
3 3